The RoChu Dramas

No Rochu, No Life.
I promised my friend Damekko Ren to collect some information about RoChu Dramas which made by China Centre TeleVision. Yes I do love CCTV, CCTV always give us big surprise. I'm not sure if you know that in 2010's new year holiday, CCTV even showed a RoChu Fanart to people all around China...I wrote the news in my blog before.

As far as I know, there are 2 RoChu Dramas showed on the CCTV. I watched one of it from beginning to end, and another just some part.
They are: 红莓花儿开 and <猎人笔记>之谜

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Wonderful Night

No Rochu, No Life.
I think yesterday is my best day of 2010!
As I wrote in my blog before, I was lucky enough to get a chance meeting those excellent ballet dancers from Russia☆.

First of all, I want to say something about the story of that bouquet. When I get the phone call from Hunan Theatre, I connected my RoChu fanfriends online...asking for advice what kind of flower should I prepare. >< Sorry I have no experience preparing flowers for Russian friend before, all I know is that "7" is a good number...(I hope that I'm right~XD)...just like the lucky number "6","8","9" in China.

Some friends recommended peony, but how can I find a peony in autumn days?@_@. Others recommended chinese rose, but the proposal was rejected at once...(lol)...finally one of my friend suggests carnation and sea-lavender, because...when topic comes to Russia, we will first think about sunflower, and next comes red carnation. By the way, sea-lavender's Chinese name is "don't forget me", we can't agree more that it's a good flower for Vanya☆.

When I finally decided what to prepare, I was determined to add one sunflower. Although the worker of flower shop thinks that sunflower looks really strange with carnation and sea-lavender together...but it's important because the bouquet was for Vanya. XD~

Another reason is that...77 carnations + 7 sea-lavenders = 84 flowers. I heard that Vanya loves odd number of flowers. So one more flower makes up an odd number...I hope I did things in right way. ;w;

I reached Hunan Theatre at 6:00 p.m. The Swan Lake will start at 7:30, so...1.5 hour is enough☆. The staff leads me to the backstage, where I got an unforgettable experience even words can't express.

Yes, words can't express my feelings when I first saw those respectably dancers continue their final practice before the performance. The stage was not ready yet, and everything was in a fantastic silence. I'm trying to find a proper word...maybe "sacred" ?
I watched many performances in Hunan Theatre, and I think I will watching more performances in different theatres around China or even around the world. But I believe that NO ONE will better than the "performance" I watched when I was in the shadow back the curtain of backstage. What a strange and eudemonic feeling! I even can't understand myself at that moment...actually it was not a real "performance", just a practice. But...I was deeply impressed——because of the dancers' serious face and expression, because of the beads of sweat on their beautiful forehead, because of the sacred atmosphere, because of the...
Because of the Russia.

I planned to send flowers and my love letter to them before the performance, but Vanya said he won't accept flowers until he got the victory of performance. So...=_= I brought the big bonquet to the auditorium...it was too heavy that my right arm started feeling pain in this morning.

The performance was excellent. It was UNDOUBTEDLY VANYA! The best Swan Lake I've ever seen. Although I watched Swan Lake for several times, but I still feels exciting from the beginning to end.
At the end of the performance, audiences' applause lasted 5 minutes. I had never experienced such long applause in Hunan Theatre, never. A granny sat next to me even bursted into tears...she was once a ballet dancer (I asked at the 15 minutes off during the middle of the performance), the Swan Lake recalled her memory of youth time.

When the performance was end with glorious, I ran to the backstage at my top speed. Congratulations! TwT
The young dancer who acts Одета accepted my flowers and we have had a conversation. My poor Russian is not good enough to express what I want to say...TwT...so finally comes to English, sorry><! The most important I want to say is that we love Russia, in our own ways...and long live the friendship between our countries❤!

I have to face my "paper mountain paper sea" back home...lots of homeworks. Because I was preparing the "dating"(lol) all time yesterday, I have to stay up and fighting with Maths and English...TwT
3:30 a.m when I was busy writing an essay of Chinese literature, my cellphone rings. The staff who in charge of Swan Lake send me a short message:
"Thanks to your warm support for the friendship between Russia and China☆."
At last, tears suddenly ran out of my eyes, in the dark rainy night.



I put this small badge on my coat☆

But...when I was taking photo with Одета, the badge becomes...
Oh no, Ivan was watching me.^L^~(lol)

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I hope that I'm not dreaming...><

No Rochu, No Life.
I've got an appointment chance with the Russian National Ballet Group~TwT(Sorry I don't know the proper English translation of "俄罗斯国家芭蕾舞团")
When I received this exciting news this morning, I went to flower shop...booked 77 carnations, 7 sea-lavenders, and 1 sunflower for the big bouquet! TwT~Word can't express how happy I am!...Thanks to Hunan Theatre, I think my requirment maybe only day-dreaming...but that's TRUE.

I think I will have an unforgettable memory tonight.
Please wait for my repo and photo, dear comrades! I'm going to dating with Vanya...XD

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How to write "bear" in Chinese character~^L^

No Rochu, No Life.

The character "熊" means "bear". But I don't know why those short sentences on the right shows "熊猫"... That's PANDA!
=_= Maybe the editor of this website thinks that there must have some special links between 熊(bear) and 熊猫(panda)?

Well...the picture comes from 你好中国(http://russian.cri.cn/other/nihaochina/index.htm).The website has same name with Wang Yao's Chara-song(你好☆中国 ). Everytime when I visit this webpage, the rhythm of Yao's chara-song comes into my heart. Orz, that's a strange feeling.(lol)

By the way, it's strange to pronounce Chinese with the help of Russian characters. I've tried it and feels that I can hard understand the "Vodka-accent Chinese" by reading "сюн2 мао1 дэ гу4 сян1"...Orz. So, dear friends, if you're interested in Chinese, it's better to start with Pinyin.^_^

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Mid-Autumn Festival

No Rochu, No Life.

Bright moon, delicious mooncake, and the most important thing is to stay with family.
That's Mid-Autumn.^_^

If you look to the full moon tonight, then you will find a beautiful girl called Chang E in the moon. Together with Chang E is a rabbit, it will milling herbs. And a man called Wu Gang, who is busy to cut down an osmanthus tree. Unfortunately, the tree can never be cut down……

The legend also spreaded to Japan. But there is a little different. Japanese moon rabbit's work is to make new year cake (a kind of glutinous rice cake), not dealing with herbs. Actually I'm always feeling confused... :confused: Kiku-chan, what are you thinking about? Anyway it's still too early to prepare for new year in September...=_=

On today's local newspaper, it reported that some residents in my city joined an event to make special mooncakes. They created wonderful shapes...included sunflower and bear. ^L^ Oh dear...Vanya is watching you! (laugh)
By the way, the traditional shape of mooncake is round, for the meaning of full moon and family members get together happily.

There are several flavours of mooncake. My favourite is lotus with egg yolk. Red bean is too sweet for me, and I do hate those "fruit" flavour mooncake--there is no fruit in it.
I once tried the ham mooncake when I was young and live in Yunnan province. That's great❤. But I can never find this flavour in Hunan province. Maybe that's a special local product of Yunnan. TwT~I do miss it!
Another special flavour mooncake is Hongkong's ice mooncake. ↓

looks nice right? That tastes nice too! I love this kind of mooncakes because it is not such sweet, I don't like food which contains too much sugar.

Enjoy the bright moon and time with family! Happy Mid-Autumn day.^_^

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Me and My Panda

No Rochu, No Life.

Panda( 熊猫 ), whose nickname is Gungun( 滚滚 ), is my favourite animal in this world❤

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Swan Lake

No Rochu, No Life.

The news said that it's a performance for celebrating the 61th anniversary of Russia-China diplomatic relations.
...So I booked the ticket immediately...Although it's a pity that I don't have a chance to go to Beijing again in school days (it will take 12 hours on train from Changsha to Beijing =_=). The Swan Lake will perform in Great Hall of the People, the most gorgeous hall in China. But I'm lucky enough that it will perform Changsha for 2 days, and 26th September is Sunday (that's important~XD) !

By the way, our city's festival of sunflower will coming soon☆. Every year in September and October, my city will hold a festival of sunflower for celebrating the National Day.

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...What shall I say...

No Rochu, No Life.
I haven't read this week's newspaper till this morning. And I don't know the situation becomes such miserable... want to say something, but I feel like that I couldn't use proper words to express the angry emotion in my heart now. Yes, things happend in Philippines. Although it sounds a little bit late to criticize now...sorry for my obtuse.

Several days ago I just said that hope our flag won't fly half-mast again in 2010. But...that's just hope. The world is not that peace now, although I do wish we can live in a peaceful world. We have enough sad emotions, death and separate. How dare those "policemen" dragging when innocent people are in great danger? Policemen should protect people's life, not kill civilians. I'm shocked and feel great indignation when I saw those news reports.

I don't know if Hongkong friends will read this diary (from the flagcounter I know there are several visit record from HongKong SAR)... but... Sorry for my speechlessness expression. All I want to say is that 我感到很难过……亲爱的同胞们,下次还是来大陆玩吧。毕竟是在祖国母亲的怀抱里,安全呀。

Feel bad and sad. I don't want to say anymore about those philippine "policemen". We need an convicing explaination and sincerity.
Sorry for my terrible emotion.

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【七夕】Qixi festival☆

No Rochu, No Life.
七夕(Qixi) is a traditional festival of China. This festival called "Tanabata( たなばた )" in Japan. We celebrate it at the July 7th of Lunar calendar, and Japanese people celebrate it at the July 7th of Gregorian calendar. Actually, Qixi and Tanabata are equally because this festival is origin from China and spreaded to Japan.

Today is July 7th of Lunar calendar. Some people called Qixi as "Valentine's day of China". Although Qixi is a festival for lovers now, but it also a festival for young girls. Today if girls send their wishes to starry sky, then all the dreams will come true.=)

Actually, Qixi has a heartbreaking story. In Chinese ancient legend, there is a boy named Niulang and a girl named Zhinv. They love each other deeply. But Zhinv is a fairy and Niulang is a normal people, they are not permitted to married. An immortal called Wangmuniangniang seperated Niulang and Zhinv with the power of milky way. They can only meet each other once a year by pass through the bridge of magpie. The day they meet, is July 7th of Lunar calendar. People then made this day as Qixi festival.

Our tea-lovers club have had a tea party to celebrate Qixi. On the tea party, we organized a tea auction and raised money to help the disaster area. Here are some photos of our tea party.

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National Mourning Day...again TwT

No Rochu, No Life.
The second national mourning day of 2010
For Zhouqu, the disaster area of big debris flow
Our flag had been flied half-mast twice a year for people...TwT~I hope there won't be a third time...

2010, the year of Disaster.
Hope everything will be okay in 2011.
I don't believe in 2012, though.

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Bear and Panda

No Rochu, No Life.
Today, my friend shows me such a funny picture. ^_^


High Temperature

No Rochu, No Life.
Today in Changsha, it's reported as 40° but actually we've got a 43°...and somebody said that we can cook eggs on the road. Because of the high temperature, finally we've got a one-and-half-day off.
I hope that autumn will coming soon. TwT~Summer is a great season, but I don't like such hot days.


A trip to Beijing and Tianjin in 2010 summer - Day 5

No Rochu, No Life.

Finished my contest and my trip...go back to Changsha☆

And...my summer vocation have already finished too! TwT~
Hope I can go trip next summer... I don't think I will have a winter vocation of 2011.~Orz~
I didn't spend much money for this trip because my friend in Beijing and Tianjin shared their bed for me. I've heard that there is a new way for trip, you can borrow a sofa in a stranger's home for save the money of hotel. Hmm...I think it sounds quite interesting, but I won't try it yet.

Thanks to my friends! I'll share my bed when you guys come to visit Changsha. XD

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A trip to Beijing and Tianjin in 2010 summer - Day 4

No Rochu, No Life.

A trip to Beijing and Tianjin in 2010 summer - Day 3

No Rochu, No Life.

A trip to Beijing and Tianjin in 2010 summer - Day 2

No Rochu, No Life.

A trip to Beijing and Tianjin in 2010 summer - Day 1

No Rochu, No Life.

Coming back from Mt.Jinggang

No Rochu, No Life.

tea bags, badges, and postcard

No Rochu, No Life.

Several days ago, one of my RoChu fan friend who lives in Australia send me a package. She told me that there are some "surprise" in it.
When I opened the package from southern hemisphere...Wow~0_0~it becomes a real excitement! 56 tea bags and badges and postcard from the epoch of USSR. My friend told me that she got them from her Russian friend in Australia. So...those small things must have already travelled a long long journey. XD~

Of course, I couldn't finish drink so much tea like this. 56 tea bags will sharing for members of our RoChu fan group when we meet at Shanghai Expo. It means that I should make room for those tea bags in my travel luggage.^_^~
I tried one of those tea bags yesterday and it tastes quite differ from the Chinese "Junshan Yinzhen" and jasmine tea which I used to drink everyday. Hmm...maybe I need some honey and jam? But it's too strange to add sweet things in tea which is not such strong...Orz

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Delicious snacks~^^

No Rochu, No Life.

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Весёлая Берёзка