This is Yun from China. You can call me Valya as a nickname.=)
APH: I'm a big fan of RoChu(Ivan&Yao), and I can ONLY accept the RoChu cp in Axis Powers Hetalia.
Welcome to my blog~^_^

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У вас есть мечта? Есть мечта? Иди к ней! Не получается идти к ней? Ползи к ней!


No Rochu, No Life.

New Blog☆

No Rochu, No Life.
This daily record is a place for friends chatting together XD~
Feel free to left some comments if you would like to say something to me! I will read all comments carefully when I have time and reply your message.
Because I have no idea how to set a "Message Board" as I usually to do in my former blog...I started a new "diary" to use as a "Message Board".~XD
Have fun there☆!

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CN-160481 was received☆!

No Rochu, No Life.

One of my postcard which travels to Finland has already received! Amazing speed! =)
Now I'm waiting for a postcard from another random user...

By the way, I'm really surprised by the speed of China-Finland post travelling.
Once I posted a New-Year-Postcard to one of my friend in China, Henan Province. And she said she has been waiting for my card about a month...OTZ
I can't believe that a postcard go abroad will faster than a postcard which travels in my own country.=口=!
So...Good job China Post! Good job Finland Post!

How long will it costing for my postcard to another three country? Wondering~:)

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Have fun with post-crossing! XD

No Rochu, No Life.

Finland,Russia,Japan,Germany,and Finland!

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Россия x Китай ☆ Hetalia-only Party in Changsha~^_^

No Rochu, No Life.

Yesterday we have had a small Hetalia-only Party in Changsha, and I was really happy because Vanya and Yao gave us an "Assault". All of us was surprised when they came in and nobody have had heard that they will dress in RoCh costume in advance.=v= Great surprise,isn't it? One of my friend said that maybe because I've brought a sunflower to this party and the sunflower calls Ivan to our party. So...GOOD JOB SUNFLOWER! XD


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Happy Chinese New Year & Valentine's Day!

No Rochu, No Life.

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CCTV Loves RoCh!!!

No Rochu, No Life.

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My Microblog

No Rochu, No Life.

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你好☆中国——HELLO CHINA! =3=

No Rochu, No Life.


I want to say something...

Watch out my dear motherland China! The Baozi is falling down! Don't waste food!
Panda-chan is sooooooo lovely! I want kiss it~(laugh)
Hey Mr(?).Wang,be careful or you will hurt by hot water!
Yao's waist is sooooo sexy~
Pure Chinese Beauty!
W...Where is our Five-Star-Flag???
I suspect our motherland China is a girl because of his chest circumference.orz
I worry his waist...because of this pose!XD
Red is a colour of happiness.
I will by this CD!!!

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When we combined Vanya and Yao's CD cover~♪

No Rochu, No Life.
Fanwork from Chinese RoChu BBS.
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Received my first postcard of POSTCROSSING

No Rochu, No Life.

From the hometown of Friedrich Engels——Wuppertal,Germany!

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【Fanfic Translation(Rus-Chn)】Звезды.-摘星星

No Rochu, No Life.
原作:нарисуй мне барашка
翻译:whhhzxzgmj & 星野ひとみ(Валя_Китай )















上巳(ShangSi)-Girl's day! \(^_^)/

No Rochu, No Life.
The festival of ShangSi in Tiger's year!

The egg of Shangsi...boiled with several spring herbs and tea.

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В Китае произошло мощное землетрясение

No Rochu, No Life.
сегодня страна в трауре

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Pravda Remix!

No Rochu, No Life.
"у меня есть пророчество , что мы будем ещё раз вместе в следующей жизни."

——From Pravda Remix-万红至理·回音

My friend Yujie gives me this leaflets as the present of spring. I do love this piece of paper and put it in front of my desk. ^_^

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New Design for Summer Clothing!

No Rochu, No Life.

The badge on the cloth:

Finally I've got it ! A design for summer EXPO❤

To show the love of RoChu, I added the colour style of Russia national flag into traditional Chinese Han-clothing style.
^_^~Hmm...I've decided to wear it to Shanghai Expo-Russia & China pavillion!

Thanks for Ms.He Huachi,a wonderful tailor. She helps me to bring this idea into real life.
Anyway, I love shiny colours in sunshine-summer-day!

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George Ribbons!

No Rochu, No Life.

I've heard from cellphone newspaper that tommorow in Shanghai EXPO Russia Pavillion will send out the George Ribbons and Memory Badges to visitors as a present for celebrate the victory of May 9th.
By the way, on the memory badge there is a picture to show the view of Red Square in Moscow. Sounds really nice!

TToTT~It makes me desiring to book a plane ticket to Shanghai AT ONCE!
...But unfortunately I have to attend some classes tomorrow, so I asked my friend to help me to get it. I'm not sure that staffs of the Russia pavillion will allow visitors to bring an extra memory present for friend. Well, hope that I'm lucky enough. )

The cellphone newspaper also said that there are some activities and presents for children during June 1st, Children's day at Russia pavillion. ...Although I'm not a child anymore,but I'm really looking forward to visit the "Children's city" of Russia pavillion this summer.

Anyway, let's waiting for tomorrow! =v=~CCTV must have a special talk of May 9th,and I think I'm going to become a sofa potato this weekend when I back home from school.(lol)

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May 9th☆

No Rochu, No Life.
It's May 9th now! Chairman Hu went to Moscow to celebrate the victory=)
I'm going to watch the parade at CCTV this afternoon. Newspaper said that it will start at about 14:00,Beijing time. I'll try to back home as soon as I can when the classes finished.

My history textbook of this term. Title: HISTORY-War and Peace during 20th Century

Let's cheer for victory~☆~!

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From CCTV!

No Rochu, No Life.

The studio talk before May 9th Parade on Red Square

TITLE: The Victory of People!

It's imposing! *_*


P.S at 21:08:
CCTV replay and replay the parade from this programme to that programme...I'm nearly to recite it...Orz


Local Newspaper

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Summer days~=)

No Rochu, No Life.
Summer comes gently in my city. We've been rainy for almost a week, air become fresh and moist.
Yesterday school announced the time schedule of 2010's summer. I'll got the shortest summer vocation in my study life——only 8 days!
From July 12th to July 20th...and a school trip to Shanghai EXPO will cost about 3 days. I'll stay in Shanghai until July 19th, hope I could collect all memory stamp of countries which I'm interested about on my EXPO PASSPORT.

After this summer I'll start my last year in high school. It will be a tough year, all my time and energy will devote for study.
Well...anyway, I hope that I can get good grades in Gaokao. My target school required over 610 points, it's sounds difficult, I should try my best...or even jump to touch the score line! (lol)

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