I hope that I'm not dreaming...><

No Rochu, No Life.
I've got an appointment chance with the Russian National Ballet Group~TwT(Sorry I don't know the proper English translation of "俄罗斯国家芭蕾舞团")
When I received this exciting news this morning, I went to flower shop...booked 77 carnations, 7 sea-lavenders, and 1 sunflower for the big bouquet! TwT~Word can't express how happy I am!...Thanks to Hunan Theatre, I think my requirment maybe only day-dreaming...but that's TRUE.

I think I will have an unforgettable memory tonight.
Please wait for my repo and photo, dear comrades! I'm going to dating with Vanya...XD

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2010-09-26 в 20:58 

Иногда я способен убить в приступе злости или чтобы доказать свою правоту. Но я не какой-нибудь маньяк.(с)
Good luck there!^_^
At first when I've saw this bouquet I thought: "What a beautiful and tasty tort!XDD And as Ivan is omnivorous, I'm a bit afraid what would happen if he would think about this too..^^;

But anyway, the flowers from beloved Yao is so romantically~...*o*

2010-09-27 в 16:37 

No Rochu, No Life.
Actually the bouquet have a funny story...okay I'll write it in the repo of my fantastic yesterday☆


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