Wonderful Night

No Rochu, No Life.
I think yesterday is my best day of 2010!
As I wrote in my blog before, I was lucky enough to get a chance meeting those excellent ballet dancers from Russia☆.

First of all, I want to say something about the story of that bouquet. When I get the phone call from Hunan Theatre, I connected my RoChu fanfriends online...asking for advice what kind of flower should I prepare. >< Sorry I have no experience preparing flowers for Russian friend before, all I know is that "7" is a good number...(I hope that I'm right~XD)...just like the lucky number "6","8","9" in China.

Some friends recommended peony, but how can I find a peony in autumn days?@_@. Others recommended chinese rose, but the proposal was rejected at once...(lol)...finally one of my friend suggests carnation and sea-lavender, because...when topic comes to Russia, we will first think about sunflower, and next comes red carnation. By the way, sea-lavender's Chinese name is "don't forget me", we can't agree more that it's a good flower for Vanya☆.

When I finally decided what to prepare, I was determined to add one sunflower. Although the worker of flower shop thinks that sunflower looks really strange with carnation and sea-lavender together...but it's important because the bouquet was for Vanya. XD~

Another reason is that...77 carnations + 7 sea-lavenders = 84 flowers. I heard that Vanya loves odd number of flowers. So one more flower makes up an odd number...I hope I did things in right way. ;w;

I reached Hunan Theatre at 6:00 p.m. The Swan Lake will start at 7:30, so...1.5 hour is enough☆. The staff leads me to the backstage, where I got an unforgettable experience even words can't express.

Yes, words can't express my feelings when I first saw those respectably dancers continue their final practice before the performance. The stage was not ready yet, and everything was in a fantastic silence. I'm trying to find a proper word...maybe "sacred" ?
I watched many performances in Hunan Theatre, and I think I will watching more performances in different theatres around China or even around the world. But I believe that NO ONE will better than the "performance" I watched when I was in the shadow back the curtain of backstage. What a strange and eudemonic feeling! I even can't understand myself at that moment...actually it was not a real "performance", just a practice. But...I was deeply impressed——because of the dancers' serious face and expression, because of the beads of sweat on their beautiful forehead, because of the sacred atmosphere, because of the...
Because of the Russia.

I planned to send flowers and my love letter to them before the performance, but Vanya said he won't accept flowers until he got the victory of performance. So...=_= I brought the big bonquet to the auditorium...it was too heavy that my right arm started feeling pain in this morning.

The performance was excellent. It was UNDOUBTEDLY VANYA! The best Swan Lake I've ever seen. Although I watched Swan Lake for several times, but I still feels exciting from the beginning to end.
At the end of the performance, audiences' applause lasted 5 minutes. I had never experienced such long applause in Hunan Theatre, never. A granny sat next to me even bursted into tears...she was once a ballet dancer (I asked at the 15 minutes off during the middle of the performance), the Swan Lake recalled her memory of youth time.

When the performance was end with glorious, I ran to the backstage at my top speed. Congratulations! TwT
The young dancer who acts Одета accepted my flowers and we have had a conversation. My poor Russian is not good enough to express what I want to say...TwT...so finally comes to English, sorry><! The most important I want to say is that we love Russia, in our own ways...and long live the friendship between our countries❤!

I have to face my "paper mountain paper sea" back home...lots of homeworks. Because I was preparing the "dating"(lol) all time yesterday, I have to stay up and fighting with Maths and English...TwT
3:30 a.m when I was busy writing an essay of Chinese literature, my cellphone rings. The staff who in charge of Swan Lake send me a short message:
"Thanks to your warm support for the friendship between Russia and China☆."
At last, tears suddenly ran out of my eyes, in the dark rainy night.



I put this small badge on my coat☆

But...when I was taking photo with Одета, the badge becomes...
Oh no, Ivan was watching me.^L^~(lol)

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2010-09-28 в 22:13 

Иногда я способен убить в приступе злости или чтобы доказать свою правоту. Но я не какой-нибудь маньяк.(с)
I was so touching, when I was reading that!*happy tears* And I can to understand your feelings, I sure, if it would happen with me, I feel myself in this way!TTTwTTT It's so wonderful, I'm very, very happy for you! Russia and China are friends forever and ever!!TT-TT And bouquet was an awesome, by the way, if we told about the same flowers, there are flowers "don't forget me" is in Russia too *^_^* Really very good day, and almost immediately after the Mid-Autumn festival! Oooh, you make my evening!*hugs*

And I want have a same badge too~>w<

2010-09-29 в 17:39 

No Rochu, No Life.
*hugs* TwT~I'm so happy to know that you like my words...Actually I nearly can't use the proper word to describe my exciting mood...Languages become so pale this time!
Yes I believe we have the same feeling, because our heart are linked with Yao and Vanya☆

By the way, I have 4 RoChu flag badges☆. If you want one, please send your address from U-mail to me and I will send you that badge by China Post.^_^

2010-09-29 в 20:28 

Иногда я способен убить в приступе злости или чтобы доказать свою правоту. Но я не какой-нибудь маньяк.(с)
It's a real wonderful words, I feld myself happy and very touched, when I was reading (and almost cried in the end >////<), because the most in the World I want our country will become one TTTwTTT Without that scary meaning, what people puts in this phrase...V-_-V
And yes, because as we a children of Yao and Ivan as we is the some parts of Ivan and Yao too!*^_^*

Oh, I don't know what to say...*silence* Now I'm touched again TTTwTTT I wrote about I want have a same badge just so... Thank you very much!!!T-T Then I want to send you something from Vanya too...

2010-09-30 в 17:30 

No Rochu, No Life.
>///< Yes. Here comes the 61th anniversary soon. I do hope the good relationship between our countries will lasting forever☆
RoChu spread their pink lights not only in Hetalia but also in real life...XDDDD~ That's why I love RoChu so much.

I receied your U-mail~^^. Hmm...I'll send you the badge and love from China after National Holiday☆ (although I don't have the holiday, but post office have.TwT);.
Hope you will like it.=w=

2010-10-05 в 20:18 

Иногда я способен убить в приступе злости или чтобы доказать свою правоту. Но я не какой-нибудь маньяк.(с)
14th February:heart: Although this holiday (Valentine's day) is not a holiday of our cultures, but somehow I still consider it's a cute data for Yao and Ivan^_^
Yes, you are right!TwT Although not only Hetalia, but our past...^///^

Oh, by the way, happy belated day of your Motherland!*hugs* Happy Birthday, Yao-san! We loves you!!:heart::heart::heart:

2010-10-06 в 09:09 

No Rochu, No Life.
14th February is not a holiday of our cultures too^^. By the way, 2010's Spring festival comes to 14th February...
Remember the 14th February of 1950 ? Although I think it was just a coincidence, but...everytime when I think of it, I can't control myself to think "what a cute and good day for Yao and Ivan"☆ >///<

Although not only Hetalia, but our past...^///^
Not only our past, but also present and future...everyday before the world get to an end! XD

2010-10-21 в 20:01 

Иногда я способен убить в приступе злости или чтобы доказать свою правоту. Но я не какой-нибудь маньяк.(с)
Now I think this data, 14th February, became the day of holiday in our countries, at least for all fans Rochu/Churo for sure!:heart:

And I can to add only one word: Amen.>w<

2010-10-30 в 12:23 

I'm soooooooooooooooo jealous of you!TUT i can't went there to watch the wonderful ballet on spet... now that i have to went to shool to have some extra classes what i hate so much...
If i find a word to show my feeling now,i want to say...: DAMN!!!!!!!!

Cin-glish和grammar problem什么的,请无视掉TUT

2010-10-30 в 12:26 

At last but not least:ах..С Днем Рождения,valya-san☆

2010-10-30 в 17:32 

No Rochu, No Life.
Пыль-Вера Oh extra classes...that's our LIFE.^^~Don't feel so upset, we have many chances then.
Thank you...but...it's too early to say happy birthday to me now~XD. My birthday is on November, and today is still Oct.30th. :)


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