The RoChu Dramas

No Rochu, No Life.
I promised my friend Damekko Ren to collect some information about RoChu Dramas which made by China Centre TeleVision. Yes I do love CCTV, CCTV always give us big surprise. I'm not sure if you know that in 2010's new year holiday, CCTV even showed a RoChu Fanart to people all around China...I wrote the news in my blog before.

As far as I know, there are 2 RoChu Dramas showed on the CCTV. I watched one of it from beginning to end, and another just some part.
They are: 红莓花儿开 and <猎人笔记>之谜

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2010-12-19 в 19:37 

Damekko Ren
Иногда я способен убить в приступе злости или чтобы доказать свою правоту. Но я не какой-нибудь маньяк.(с)
*-* I'll remember this! Thank you!=3=


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