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No Rochu, No Life.
I DO LOVE to collect flags by using Flagcounter.

At my Chinese blog settled in Sina.cn, I've already got 8 flags from different countries or areas. Because most visitors who come to my Chinese blog are my classmates and Chinese-readers, so I collect many five-star-flags from it.

Things become so interesting at my blog settled in Diary.ru here:D. As you can see on the top of my blog, I have already collected many flags. They are so beautiful~*w*. I love each flag and I hope that I could send my expression of warmly welcome and friendly emotion by this diary...although I've never have had a chat with some flag-owners.

Several days ago, I've got 20 flags. I feel very happy and start to think maybe I can make up a fanfic by the inspiration that flags have brought to me.XD

Hmm...First comes Yao and Vanya :). That's reasonable...because the main point of this blog is RoChu and the main idea to establish this blog is to communicate with dear Russian friends :heart:. No wonder RoChu flags reached the top of my flagcounter.

I feel a little bit surprised when I noticed that the third amount of visiting rate is coming from USA. H...How do Mr.Jones knows my small "RoChu Zone" here? Maybe because he is "Hero Alfred". XD

The fourth and fifth are coming from our family, sister and brother are watching RoChu~^^


The Seventh is Ukraine-nee-san, and the eighth is France-nii-san. Welcome!
The ninth is the biggest otaku in the world...Kiku-chan. Maybe he'll find something here and busy thinking about his new RoChu Doujinshi? がんばってね.^^


Now I've already imagine a great picture in my brain! It sounds really exiting and wonderful when countries stay in harmony on the marukaite chikyuu :rotate:
Oh it's a pity that I couldn't draw well, or I can show this great picture from my brain to real life.TwT

Today I've got the 21th flag from Israel, thanks for visiting! :sunny:
But I don't know why...I found that Germany disappered from my flag counter, maybe because of the maximum capacity is 20. TwT

@_@~I can see Germany's flag from user pages, but I can't see him on the flagcounter now. confused... :(

Last but not least, THANKS TO EVERY FLAG OWNER WHO VISITED MY BLOG :heart:. It makes me feel really fantastic as we are living in such a colourful world. I hope that I could collect more flags in the future...and I hope that I could find the solution to the problem of flag-missing. Maybe...

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No Rochu, No Life.
causeican 望着FlagCounter脑补APH是我的一大乐趣啊……


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