No Rochu, No Life.

2010-12-18, CCTV-1.
From 20:00 to nearly 23:30, the program Жди меня impressed me a lot. I want to recommend it to all dear friends, for those touching stories and eternal love between people.

I remember a lady who is searching for her mother. Because of several accidents made by history, she has been separated from her mother for many years. The lady lives in USSR and her mother lives in PRC. She can't speak Chinese even though she is a Chinese. And her mother, who is a Soviet citizen, totally becomes a local Chinese woman. When they finally meet each other, they can communicate only by the Russian language.

And another touching story is between old soldiers. When they are singing the song which they have once sang during the war time, the atmosphere just like time never passed away and they all still young.
Here is the theme song of Жди меня
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